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Recognized As One Of Tampa's Best Boudoir Photographer's | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

It's always a great feeling when you're recognized for your dedication and talent in your industry and that recently happened when Peerspace.com ranked my Lunar Body Boudoir Studio as one of The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Tampa.

Here's what Peerspace.com had to say.

"Lunar Body Boudoir is the brainchild of Jill Kelly, who emphasizes that boudoir photography is about devoting a period of time to yourself and nobody else. During a shoot, you’re the star. It’s not about career or family or social obligations—it’s about you taking time out to celebrate your own strength and beauty, and there’s some real power in that.

Her photos are luxurious and often a bit mysterious, and her portfolio demonstrates great range in terms technical ability and aesthetic choices. It’s no wonder Jill is among the most talented Tampa boudoir photographers."

I was over the moon to read that they recognized the diversity in my portfolio of boudoir photos because that is what my studio brand is built on - diversity. As a professional beauty and boudoir photographer, the rule of thumb is to create consistency so your work can easily be identified as yours and that's absolutely what I did in my former wedding work. My wedding instagram profile looks extremely consistent in lighting, posing, and even colors! But when I started to niche down into beauty and boudoir I wanted to create images that not only were emotive, but told each woman's story authentically, and in order to to that, I storyboard each client's portrait sets differently with styling, lighting, and posing. The woman who wants to see the confident side of herself isn't going to be styled, lit, and posed the same way as a woman who wants to see an ultra feminine, demure side to herself, which automatically creates a diverse portfolio.

The beauty and boudoir studio has reached a milestone because our boudoir images are now recognized in the industry and all of the diversity our clients bring.

I love serving women of the greater Tampa Bay Area and having the honor of telling their story through my lens. If you'd like to inquire with our studio, please fill our the contact form below and Cat or myself will be in touch!

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