Art-inspired Boudoir Photos

As a photographer, I find myself inspired by the things around me: patterns, colors, textures, the way the light highlights beautiful features, and the way the shadows create mystery. There is inspiration all around, but one of my favorite sources for fresh boudoir photo inspiration is to look on Pinterest at art.

People have been enamored with the female form for all time. In fact, I always joke and say that boudoir is nothing new, it just has a new name! The female form has always been appreciated and honored through art whether it's been with oil painting, charcoal, pencil, water color, sculpture, or photography.

This black and white boudoir photo (L) was created with wall art in mind and was inspired by many of the classic paintings you can find on my Art-inspired Boudoir Pinterest board. I used soft light and shadow to show the beautiful curvature of her back and we added a silk fabric and a strand of pearls to add to the sensual femininity of the photo.

Here's a piece of art that helped inspire the creation of this boudoir image.

Inspiration is all around us! When you are looking for ideas of what to wear for your boudoir session think beyond just photos and look at art, textiles, architecture, and nature. Inspiration is everywhere! What inspires you? Do you have a piece of art you've always admired or is there a movie scene you'd love to recreate? Drop me a line below and let me know!

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