It's not who you are that holds you back. It's who you think you're not.

Tampa, Florida

premier boudoir photographer

Boudoir is all about you. it's about (re)gaining your confidence, it's about (re)connecting with yourself as a woman after focusing on your career and others. it's the opportunity to take time out just for yourself because you are worthy and you deserve to feel celebrated.

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 tampa boudoir photo lunar body boudoir

I’m a pretty confident person but it’s been a hard year so I decided to update my headshots and get some boudoir photos done, just for me.


Holy crap did Jill deliver! Not only is she soooo sweet and amazingly fast so you’re totally comfortable but when she sent me the pictures I was blown away. I seriously wanted to know who made me a model (and it wasn’t photoshop!) it was just posing and lighting and I cried when I opened them. Now I want to walk around with a sandwich board of the images to show everyone. I cannot say enough good things. Thank you Jill!!!

 tampa boudoir photo lunar body boudoir

As a mom there are moments in my day where yoga pants...messy hair and uneven skin just don't feel glamorous anymore. 

And it takes special talent and expertise to really pull out the goddess and fire from the depths of my soul. Especially after just having a baby...

So to say the least... Yesterday was an absolute dream!


From the mimosas, To the makeup, To The lighting,The outfits, The conversation, The empowerment,
The fierceness and passion that came forth...

Jill Kelly...I salute you

If you could only give yourself one gift one gift this year...

This session would be it!

black and white tampa boudoir photo lunar body boudoir

yesterday was such an amazing experience, and i'm so glad the universe has introduced me to the exact perfect time in my life!! (of course)

I'm seriously high off of yesterday. this was no doubt one of my favorite experiences ever! i'm so glad i was able to jump out of that comfort zone and do this and i am so grateful you were the one to give this to me. i love the photos so very much. i love more that they are me, laughing, smiling, and really having fun. i truly feel beautiful.

and If i asked you to name all the things you love, 

how long would it take for you to name yourself?




Hey, gorgeous!

I'm jill kelly

I'm a tampa-based boudoir photographer obsessed with: positive vibes, promoting self-care, body-positivity, and providing women with a luxury experience where they can (re)gain their confidence and (re)connect with parts of themselves they may have tabled since starting their career/family.

Want to learn more about me before your boudoir session? 

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TPM Image Award 2018 - 40% Black Bronze.
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