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A Walk-thru of our Signature Photoshoot Experience

About the photographer

Hey, friends. My name is Jill, and I'm the lead photographer and owner of Lunar Body Boudoir, a subsidiary brand of Jillian Joseph Photography. 

I'm a Tampa-based photo-

grapher specializing in 

boudoir who is obsessed

with:  positive vibes, 

promoting self-care, body-

positivity, and providing

women with a luxury

experience where they can

(re)gain their confidence and (re)connect with parts of themselves they may 

have tabled since starting their career/family. 

Lunar Body Boudoir is personal for me.  Believe it or not, it all began with the 10 year facebook challenge.  Up until that social media challenge, I hated being photographed. I rarely ever liked the way I looked in photos and could always easily point out the things I hated or wanted to change, but then something truly miraculous happened. ​

I reluctantly pulled together my 10 year facebook challenge photos and I simply couldn't stop staring at them. It had nothing to do with how I looked, but rather it was the first time I'd ever really looked at myself - the phases of my life over those past 10 years, how much I changed and had grown.  And suddenly, the miracle occurred.  I felt compassion for myself.  I saw myself from the outside looking in. I was able to feel empathy and compassion rather than self-pity or pride. This experience literally brought me to tears. 

​It is this experience I that I want to give to every single woman I possibly can because if we could all truly love ourselves, we can more aptly love one another, and the world will be more beautiful, more peaceful, and more compassionate.

I have focused my career on the visual arts for the past 20 years and have found photography to be the most rewarding because of the beautiful moments I have been able to witness and document for people.  My work has been published, awarded and commissioned throughout the greater U.S.​

I invite you into my boutique Tampa boudoir studio to meet with me so we can chat about how you want to be photographed.  I promise to provide you with a fun, relaxed experience and some of the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself.

The studio

Our studio is located in the Grove Shopping Center at

6027 Wesley Grove Blvd, Suite 202, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Our hair and make-up area

Studio reception space

hair & make-up

Each Signature Photoshoot Experience is personalized to you 

and your preferences. We get to know you through our

consultations and questionnaires, so we can have your

favorite music playing upon your arrival, we can adjust our

thermostat to your indoor preferred temperature, and we can 

have your drink of choice ready and waiting for you.

We'll take anything you may have brought in with you and place it in your personal dressing room.  Then we'll introduce you to your professional hair and make-up artist who will create any look and feel you can dream up! Air brushing and lashes are included, so all you need to do is show up with a clean, moisturized face and our team will take care of the rest!

Our clients are busy women and don't often have time to invest in looking their absolute best every single day.  Most of us throw ourselves together only to run out the door to work, to take care of our families, etc. 

Having the ability to see your features brought out with hair and make-up by trained professionals will be the start to an unforgettable experience.  

Many of our clients gasp in disbelief when they see themselves in the mirror because they have never seen themselves go from natural to knockout before! It's one of my favorite moments of our time together!

what to wear

"For me, my brand of boudoir photography isn't about body parts; instead, it's about photographing the whole person and capturing them feeling like the best version of themselves because when someone feels beautiful, they are and everyone can see it." -  Jill Kelly

Choosing your outfits can be the most stressful part of planning your session because you want to look and feel your best and you want your portraits to be incredible. I'm here to help! 

The studio has a growing client closet with over 200 pieces! Our garments range in size from 5XL - 00, so there's a little something for everyone.  We have shoes, jewelry, and accessories for you to use during your photoshoot with us. 

The client closet contains body suits, bras, corsets, fishnets, thigh-highs, denim jackets, graphic T-shirts, skirts, robes, white button ups, a variety of satin sheets, and so much more! 

I always recommend bringing one black bra and panty set because it's a solid foundation to pair with an under bust corset or one of our lace robes.  

The best wardrobe for your photoshoot is whatever you feel sexy, sassy, or beautiful in.  Your outfits don't have to be limited to lingerie.  You can wear oversized sweaters, your favorite jeans, a white T-shirt, your favorite blanket, or whatever you love most!  

Every client receives our studio's full prep-guide, which walks you through exactly how to prep for your photoshoot so you feel confident and excited for it! 


When it comes to posing, I don't expect you to know how to be able to shape your body and bring out your best features - that's why you're choosing me as your photographer!

After photographing hundreds of women over my career and countless continuing education courses, I can confidently say that you'll love the

way you look because I know how to pose and light you to bring out the curves you love and minimize the curves you don't love.  

I have photographed women of all ages and body types.  I know the best angles, lighting, and posing to achieve your dream shoot!

I'll model each pose myself so all you have to do is match and mirror me.  It's easier than you think! 

We are all different, which is why I don't do cookie-cutter posing and lighting; instead, I personalize each client session because I want you to look like the very best version of you!  


Are you wanting a traditional bombshell look, sporty, girl-next-door, or more of a bondage look and feel?  However you dream of being photographed, I can't wait to create an amazing experience for you!


Each image is professionally retouched.  We retouch for color balance, clarity, and address some skin retouching.  Our goal is to retouch each image so it is looking its best.  We are not heay-handed when it comes to our editing process and don't want to make you look like a plastic Barbie doll or give you that early 90's Glamour Shots glow.  We simply remove any unwanted blemishes, leaving the skin looking beautiful. 

Before & After editing

Each image will be professionally retouched by our editing team

Your photoshoot


90 minutes to enjoy professional hair and make-up

90 minutes for your photoshoot

60 minutes for your image debut and ordering appointment 5-7 days after your session

Q:  when will I receive my final order?

You'll receive any high-resolution digital negatives the day of your ordering appointment if your collection includes them.  

All custom heirloom albums and wall art products will arrive within 1-4 weeks depending upon the time of year. Holidays tend to take longer due to high volume and demand.

preshoot preparation

Once you book your photoshoot date you'll receive our welcome e-mail and questionnaire.  Your questionnaire is thoughtfully designed to help us create a personalized photoshoot experience for you from the temperature, to the music being played, to what refreshment is served and ready for you!  We want you to feel comfortable in the studio and enjoy the entire experience. 

You'll receive a series of e-mails to help you prepare for your photoshoot.  You'll receive our full, detailed prep-guide full of inspiration, tips and tricks to ease your nerves, wardrobe suggestions specifically based on your body type and areas of concern, and so much more. 

When you arrive for your photoshoot, I'll greet you at the door and take everything out of your hands and place it in your dressing room for you. I'll introduce you to your professional hair and make-up artist who will consult with you to find out what type of look and feel you'd love to wear for your portraits.  If your look is full-on glam or barely-there make-up, no worries!  Our hair and make-up team can create any look and feel you'd like.  They have over a decade of experience and their work speaks for itself.


While you're in hair and make-up, we'll chat more specifically about how you want to be photographed.  We'll talk about your questionnaire and we'll look at some images together so I can get a really good feel for what lighting and posing you're drawn to so I know how to create amazing portraits that you'll absolutely love. 


We'll go through any outfits you brought in and we'll look through our studio wardrobe to see which pieces you'd like to include in your portraits.  I'll help you with any wardrobe questions and help you add any accessories from our collection as well. 


Once we have your outfits selected, we'll begin with the outfit you're most comfortable in because it's my goal to make sure that you are 100% comfortable the entire time you're in the studio. 


We'll begin with some easy, basic poses to warm you up and give you the opportunity to learn my funny posing tricks.  By the end of a session, most clients are so comfortable they are free-styling their poses because they feel confident and they're having so much fun!  It's my favorite part of the session when I see women in their element, owning their space, and feeling beautiful.  

Based on your questionnaire and our conversation about how you describe your dream photos, I'll design your photoshoot with the best posing, lighting, styling, and sets to achieve your desired results.  We have 1,800 square feet of studio space to play in, so our imagination is our only real limitation in creating your dream portraits!

Your order

Since many of our clients travel 1.5 hours or more to our studio for their photoshoot, we offer two options for your image debut and ordering appointment.  We offer an online Zoom chat appointment or an in-studio appointment. 

If you choose an in-person ordering appointment you'll have a seat in our viewing and ordering area where you'll get to see your images on a flatscreen T.V. I'll offer you a refreshment and make sure you're comfortable. 

We'll view all of your fully retouched images and then I'll help you narrow them down to your favorites.  My clients always joke that they have no idea how they'll ever narrow them down because they love them all, and I think that's a good problem to have!  Some clients love the option of having all of their images, so many do opt for that, but if you need my assistance is helping you get to a certain collection, please know that I am very good at helping clients narrow it down to their desired collection. 

Once you have your final images selected we can choose if you'd like them in a folio box, our little black book, or one of our imported heirloom albums.  Our most popular option are our imported albums because they offer stunning cover options from velvet to vegan leather, to faux snake skin.  The options are as custom as your photos! 

Most of our collections also include gorgeous, high-gloss metal artwork, so I'll also help you select which portraits you'd like to display and which options would look best with your interior decor and color scheme. 

This is the part of the process you'll let the studio know if you'd like to provide permission to share and show your images anonymously.  We never tag you in social media or mention names in blog posts.  

1) Wall art.    2)  Little Black Book.   3)  Folio Box with prints in 11"x14" Mats.   4)  Imported Heirloom Albums

Q & A

Q: I'm not a lingerie type of a person. Can I still do boudoir?

Absolutely! Lingerie is not the only way to look and feel feminine. You can do a boudoir photoshoot wearing a dress, a lace robe, a classic white button-up shirt, an oversized sweater, or you can use our satin sheets!  We also offer a 30 minute fitting appointment so you can see what we have in our studio wardrobe prior to your session date and have the opportunity to try a few pieces on.

Q: I'm not sure I feel comfortable spending Money on myself.

I totally understand.  We, as women, are taught that it's perfectly acceptable and expected that we spend tons of money on our children and on others, but not ourselves. It's my mission to help women grow in self-love, self-acceptance, and to learn to treat yourself like you treat those who you love more than anything because you count, too! You and your life matter and you deserve this experience. That's why we offer payment options that allow you to make affordable monthly installments towards the collection of your dreams.  Our payment plans are manageable for most all budgets and do not require a credit check and do not incur interest charges.  If this was your best friend asking you if she should do this for herself you'd tell her to do it because she's incredible and deserves to put herself first for once! I encourage you to heed your own advice and know that you deserve this.  This is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime and you'll be able to look back at your portraits and cherish the memories for years to come. 

Q: I don't look like the women on your website. Do you hire models?

Absolutely, positively not! Each woman you see on my website, social media, or elsewhere is an everyday woman just like you and me.  They decided to invest in themselves and do something out of their comfort zone and have incredible memories and photos to prove it.  What you're seeing is how a natural beauty can become an absolute knockout when she is having the time of her life! With proper lighting, posing, and styling, you can be mistaken for a model, too! 

Q: Is hair and make up included?

Yes! My studio focuses on providing a first-class experience to each client from start to finish and professional hair and make-up is a key component to fulfilling that mission.  I want you to feel like a celebrity when you walk in the door!  Our hair and make-up artists know how to use shading and highlighting to bring out your best facial features.  The hardest part of your day is simply showing up and believing in yourself.  Trust me and my team because we got you covered! 

Q: I'm not photogenic and never like photos of myself. Can I still do this?

I rarely liked photos of myself until I learned the magic of posing and lighting.  Clients who feel awkward or tell me they've never liked a single picture of themselves are some of my favorite photo sessions! It's so rewarding to see a woman tear up at her own images because she has never before actually felt beautiful until she saw herself through my lens.  To watch her self-confidence bloom right before my eyes is the real reward in my work. 

Q: Can i just get the digitals?

Most of our collections come with the high-resolution images.  If you opt out of the tangible product and strictly want the digital negatives that come with the collection, the price will remain the same. 

Q: I don't think I can afford this.

My studio offers payment plans that work similarly to a traditional layaway plan.  If you'd like more information on our payment plan option, please e-mail me. 

Q: I'm really nervous and don't know if I can do this. 

If you weren't nervous at all I'd have to assume you've done many photoshoots previous to this one because it's 100% normal to feel nervous about doing this even though it's something you really, really want!  Nervousness kicks in when we experience fear.  Fear that we aren't going to look good, fear that we're not going to know how to pose or what to wear, fear that we won't be able to afford it, etc.  Fear causes nervousness, which is why I send so much information to you prior to your photoshoot.  The more answers to your questions you have, the less nervous you will be.  Trust me! I will make sure you are prepared, have an unforgettably fun experience, and you'll love your portraits!

Q: after my order is placed, can I order more images from my session in the future? 

No. Due to data storage restraints we only keep the images that our clients purchase. We encourage you to order anything you may want during your ordering appointment and to take advantage of our payment plan option! 

client's post session thoughts

next steps

If you'd like more detailed information on our pricing, availability and payment options, please e-mail me directly or schedule a brief 5 minute phone call via the scheduler below. 

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